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CMCU can provide whole-course omnibearing technological package and management services like survey, design, consultation, construction management and general contracting for overseas engineering.
Preliminary stage: including the establishment and appraisal for project financing service, investment opportunity analysis, project proposal and feasibility study report
Preparatory stage: including engineering survey, engineering design, cost consultation, bid inviting, bidding, bid evaluation, etc.
Implementation stage: including equipment and material procurement, contract management, construction management, project management, general project contracting, etc.
Preparatory stage for production: including production preparation, commissioning, personnel training, completion acceptance, etc.
Production stage: including the appraisal, operation management, etc. in the later stage of the project
· Residential Building (4,000 Houses) Construction Project
Project Name:Residential Building (4,000 Houses) Construction Project of Zawiyah City in Libya
Employer: Libya National Administrative Center Development Organization (ODAC)
Construction Site: Zawiyah City, Libya
CTDI Service: General contracting turnkey project by means of EPC; whole-course services including project consultation, design, survey, procurement, construction installation, commissioning, completion acceptance and quality assurance
Scale: Total land area of about 138 hectares, 4,000 residential houses (construction area of about 800,000 square meters), public supporting service facility (total construction area of about 100,000 square meters), and such infrastructures as road, pile net and virescence.
· Vila Alice Apartment Building Project
Construction Site: Angola Luanda
CTDI Service: Design and technical support services for all the buildings, structures and integrated networks within the land for construction
Scale: Land area of about 1,740 square meters; construction area of about 23,470 square meters
· Project Extension Works of the Ministry of Education of Ango
Entrusting Party: CAMCO International Corporation
Construction Site: Angola
CTDI Service: Design and technical support services for the lecture theater, basketball court, lodging house of teachers, farm implements shed, water supply engineering, gymnasium, generator room and other supporting facilities within the construction range
Scale: Three sub-projects in total, including the project extension works of an agricultural institution in N’dalatando City, the project extension works of an agricultural institution in WAKE KUNGO City, and the project extension works of a science & technology institution in SUMBE City
· OTS Economical Hotel Project
Employer: OTS Company
Construction Site: Angola Luanda
CTDI Service: Engineering design service for the hotel
Scale: Total area of 5,000 square meters
· EDIFICIO Building Project
Contract Issuing Party: OTS Company
Construction Site: Angola Luanda
CTDI Service: Engineering design and technical support services for the building
Scale: Total design area of 15,000 square meters
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