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No.17 Yuzhou Road Chongqing,P.R. China
CMCU can provide construction drawing design document review services for construction engineering (including ultrahigh and ultra-limit high-rise buildings), municipal road engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, municipal network engineering at each level, municipal water supply & sewage treatment engineering and refuse treatment engineering, as well as scheme appraisal and construction drawing review services for side slope engineering (including highly incised slope and high filling).
· Low-renting Public Housing Project
Project Name:Low-renting Public Housing Project (Kangju Western City) of Xiyong Groups (Group 1-Group 7)
Employer: Low-renting Public Housing Construction Co., Ltd. of Chongqing City Construction Investment Corporation
Category: Residential construction engineering
Scale: 1,472,839.16 m2
Level: Level 1
· Longfor LEU (Logistical Engineering University) Project
Project Name:Phase 1 and 2 Engineering of Longfor LEU (Logistical Engineering University) Project
Employer: Chongqing Longfor-Chengheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Category: Residential construction engineering
Scale: 558,375 m2
Level: Level 1
· Yuzhong District Hualongqiao Project of Chongqing
Employer: Chongqing Shui On Land Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Review Content: B11-1/02 plot ultrahigh project-T1, T2, T3 and annex buildings, including office building, hotel, service apartment, market, parking lot, landscaping, landscape and other supporting facilities
Category: Public construction engineering
Scale: 686,420 m2
Level: Level 1
· Guotai Arts Center
Employer: Chongqing City Construction Development Co., Ltd.
Category: Public construction engineering
Scale: 30,200 m2
Level: Level 1
· Tongmao Road Project in Yubei District
Employer: Chongqing Airport New City Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
Category: Municipal engineering
Total investment: 329.1149 million yuan
Level: Level 1
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