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CMCU can provide various whole-course engineering designs within its qualified scope: urban master planning, various planning and design, detailed construction planning and design, conceptual design, scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, pressure vessel and pressure piping design, non-standard equipment and special machine design.

· Qinggang Expansion Park

Project Name: Industrial Planning and Detailed Control Planning for Qinggang Expansion Park of Qianjiang Zhengyang Industrial Park
Project Site: Qianjiang District, Chongqing
Project Scale: 5 km2
Planning Concept: Constructing a comprehensive ecological industrial park integrating chemical industry, fine chemical industry and building materials
Planning Principles: Conforming to the rules of 3R, principle of systematization, scientific principle, dynamic principle and practical principle
Planning Objective: Realizing virtuous flow of material, saving resources, reducing waste emission and environmental pollution; realizing efficient energy flow, improving energy conversion efficiency and reducing emission of waste energy; realizing efficient information flow and high coordination of system; realizing reasonable increase in value and favorable overall performance; and forming an ecological industrial park with efficient and virtuous material flow, energy flow, information flow and value flow
CTDI Service: Planning and design

· Chengdu Kobelco 10-billion-yuan Construction Project
Project Name: Chengdu Kobelco 10-billion-yuan Construction Project
Employer: Chengdu Kobelco Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.
Construction Site: Chengdu, Sichuan
Content & Scale: Complex factories, office building, etc.; land area of 1,400mu and new construction area of 400,000 m2
CTDI Service: Engineering design and general engineering contracting
· Weichai Power Industrial Park
Employer: Weichai Power Co., Ltd.
Construction Site: Weifang, Shandong
Content & Scale: Annual output of 100,000 sets of Styer diesel engines, 100,000 sets of EU III diesel engines and 100,000 sets of heavy-duty engines; product development center, office building, three companies for generating equipment, gas engine and re-manufacturing, and relevant auxiliary facilities; land area of 1,100mu and construction area of 310,000 m2
CTDI Service: Engineering design and PMC
· Chongqing Library
Employer: Chongqing Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
Construction Site: Shapingba District, Chongqing
CDTI Service: Preliminary design, construction drawing design, construction and post-construction service
Scale: 50,000 m2
Cooperation Partner: Perkins Eastman (US)
Use: Library
· Rongqiaocheng Square
Employer: Rongqiao Jinjiang (Chongqing) Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Construction Site: Tongyuanju, Nan’an District, Chongqing
CDTI Service: Scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, construction and post-construction service
Scale: 50,000 m2
Use: Business center, 5-star hotel
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