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  CMCU coves the large scope in the field of municipal and environmental protection engineering, whose business scope includes such fields as road, bridge, tunnel, station, geotechnical engineering, water supply, drainage, urban flood control, watershed management, landscape architecture, environmental sanitation, air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention, noise control, solid waste treatment and environmental protection equipment development.
  CMCU can provide customers with such whole-course engineering construction services as project preliminary planning, investment opportunity analysis, environmental impact appraisal, municipal environmental protection planning, engineering consultation, engineering design, engineering management and EPC.
  CMCU, on the basis of Chongqing, is to serve China and the world, with business spread across many cities in China and some countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  CMCU has accumulated rich engineering consultation, engineering design and engineering construction management experience in the field of municipal environmental protection engineering.
  CMCU has attracted a batch of high-level technical and management talents. The management team and technical team of CMCU are provided with noble profession spirit and excellent professional standard.
  The vision of CMCU is to create value, serve society, satisfy customer, develop team and provide customer with high-standard professional service.

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