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In many architectural fields--CMCU is provided with professional research teams. 
In the field of architectural structure--CMCU has owned a lot of successful cases in terms of ultrahigh structure, long span space, underground space, rail transportation and deep foundation pit.
In terms of new construction technology application--CMCU not only has completed a lot of complicated and comprehensive mechanical and electrical system designs but also owns professional teams to research building intelligence and ecological building design. 

Taking customers’ demands first, CMCU can provide customers with whole-course engineering consultation services for economy, technology and management integrated projects. 
  Preliminary stage     Planning work
      project planning, engineering consultation, feasibility study, economic analysis and investment analysis           overall urban planning and design, detailed control planning, detailed construction planning and urban design
  Civil building design     Landscape design
      all range           urban landscape design and garden design
  Special design for decoration     Cost consultation
      facade design, interior design and construction           scheme estimate, preliminary design budget estimate and construction drawing budget
  Project management    
      PM mode, CM mode and EPC mode            
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