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In accordance with the arrangement of CMCU, the main market area of the Comprehensive Design Institute involves the industrial engineering, construction engineering and urban planning, whose business scope includes project preliminary planning, industrial planning, investment & financing consultation, city and park planning, engineering consultation, engineering design, equipment development and production, project management and general engineering contracting.
With complete professional configuration, the Comprehensive Design Institute is engaged in more than 40 professional fields including various industrial art, equipment, civil engineering, utilities, economy, etc., which, as a technical and management expert in the field of engineering construction, has undertaken more than 1,000 items of various planning, consultation, design, project management and general engineering contracting projects and has accumulated rich engineering construction experience.


    【Construction Design 1-9 Institute

     Project planning, urban planning, construction engineering consultation and design
    【Committee of Experts
     Employee learning, technical training, quality control, design quality control and construction service management
    【Construction Technology Research Institute
     Intelligent construction design, ecological construction special design, curtain wall design, detailed construction design and special construction research
    【Market Development Department
     Project management, general project contracting and overseas engineering design
    【Creation Center
     Construction scheme design, creation and planning
    【Drawing Review Company
     Review of construction drawing

The Municipal Engineering and Environmental Protection Design Institute (CMCU MEI) is a professional institution engaged in municipal and environmental protection engineering construction, whose business scope includes such fields as road, bridge, tunnel, station, geotechnical engineering, water supply, drainage, urban flood control, watershed management, landscape architecture, environmental sanitation, air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention, noise control, solid waste treatment and environmental protection equipment development.
CMCU MEI can provide customers with such whole-course engineering construction services as project preliminary planning, investment opportunity analysis, environmental impact appraisal, municipal environmental protection planning, engineering consultation, engineering design, engineering management and EPC. It has accumulated rich experience in terms of engineering consultation, engineering design and engineering construction management.
The vision of CMCU MEI is to create value, serve society, satisfy customer, develop team and provide customer with high-standard professional service.

   【Market Development Department
    Be responsible for overseas business contact, negotiation, project bidding and signing of contract; establish and expand business information source channels, cooperate with a batch of strategic partners, form the organic network of information source, communication and cooperation, and expand overseas market shares; be responsible for the investigation, expansion, development and implementation of new business projects.
   【Engineering Management Department
    Design management: organize, guide and coordinate the design for overseas engineering projects, organize and implement the design in accordance with contract requirements, effectively manage and control the design schedule, quality and cost; Construction management: fully organize and manage the implementation for overseas engineering projects; Control management: be responsible for overseas engineering project contract, schedule and fund management.
   【Procurement Management Department
    Collect market information, carry out market price enquiry and field investigation; develop new supply of goods, optimize purchasing channels, and reduce purchasing costs; get in touch with the site, determine a reasonable purchase quantity, learn the stock position in time, and conduct reasonable procurement; make material supply plan and organize implementation; select, review and manage suppliers, and establish supplier archives; organize supply contract review, sign the supply contract and implement purchasing activities; inspect and ship the materials purchased.
   【Overseas Office
    Develop local market business and manage existing local business.
   【Construction Company
Carry out on-site construction in accordance with the established plan, organize and manage the personnel, machinery and materials, and realize the planned target.
   【Executive Office】
    Contact and communicate with relevant domestic government departments and China National Machinery Industry Corporation; manage overseas human resources; manage foreign affairs and issue passport and visa; manage overseas personnel’s travels; manage labor disputes; manage meetings; be responsible for document, file and data management; assist leaders to coordinate and manage the Overseas Department’s internal communication; provide administrative cooperation for overseas engineering; be responsible for administrative conclusion and make administrative final report.
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