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    Established in 1964, China CMCU Engineering Corporation (CMCU) is a state-owned science and technology engineering corporation set under a central large-scale enterprise group – SINOMACH (Fortune 500 enterprises). The headquarters of CMCU is located in Chongqing, China.
    CMCU is one of the earliest-established national large-scale Class A design and research institutes, and it enjoys great popularity in survey and design consulting industry in China, being one of the top 100 enterprises in survey design, project management and project general contract in China. Currently, it is gradually transforming into an international engineering corporation integrating design, engineering construction, complete set of equipment and investment and financing.
    Up to now, CMCU has more than 1600 employees, and 95% of its employees are professional technical personnel, including 3 design masters, 57 national grade technology and management experts and 335 registered engineers in various disciplines.
    Through about fifty years of development, the business of CMCU has been expanded to more than 20 industries, including architecture and manufacture, from mere machinery industry. Meanwhile, the service has been expanded to domestic and overseas project general contract, industrial engineering, building engineeing, infrastructure and environmental engineering, engineering construction, engineering consultation, construction plan review, investment and financing service and others from design, and CMCU can provide whole life-cycle service from planning consultation, design, equipment design and manufacture, engineering construction and engineering supervision of project, project management to project general contract.
    Nowadays, all of CMCU’s representative works reveal its top professional spirit, showing CMCU’s supereminence in global engineering field.
    Depending on its expertise, high-efficiency management system and sincere process service, CMCU obtains glorious performance and becomes the technical expert and management expert in engineering construction.
    CMCU successively obtains the title of National Contract-valuing and Faith-keeping Enterprise and is awarded as Excellent Exploration & Design Institute, the 100th Achievement Award of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry, etc. with more than 360 awards totally obtained; At present, it has 76 relevant patents and proprietary technologies, making important contribution to customers standard engineering construction.
    Taking Chinese market as centre and continuously expanding towards international market, CMCUs engineering project covers more than 30 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe and Africa.
    Based on market orientation, honesty basis, technology support and win-win target, CMCU devotes itself to serve global construction and create first class project.
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